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Cheap trinkets from China – what popular gadgets are worth investing in

Looking at the growing popularity of online stores selling cheap trinkets from China you can be tempted to juxtapose some cool useful gadgets that you will get straight from China.

Cheap trinkets from China – gadgets worth your attention

Cheap trinkets from China, which we present below are worth our attention.

  1. Clothes shaver. Everyone has a problem with messy clothes. Such a cheap trifle will perfectly solve this problem.
  2. USB cable in braid with “indestructible” tip. Probably more than once you had to replace the usb cable with a charger or other equipment – this one will serve you much longer.
  3. Tripod with self-timer is a must-have gadget for any photo lover for whom the primary camera on vacation is a smartphone.
  4. Flexible smartphone stand.
  5. A digital thermometer for dishes is a must have in any kitchen.
  6. For DIY – magnetic tool pad.
  7. Reusable steel straws with pouch and cleaning for anyone who wants to be eco-friendly and wants to reduce the use of plastic.
  8. The bluetooth transmitter for the car is a very convenient gadget for transmitting music, as well as serving as a speakerphone.
  9. A car charger that allows you to reload two devices at the same time.
  10. A network charger for four devices – what a lot to say here. It will be useful to anyone who wants to charge several devices at once, and can not find all chargers, and so one solves the problem.
  11. The cable organizer is useful literally on any desk.